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WriteMapper User Guide

WriteMapper is a writing tool for crafting your medium- to long-form content. Available on macOS, Windows, iPadOS and iOS, it helps you quickly and easily produce text documents using mind maps.

The tutorial WriteMap we've included in the app, on all platforms, makes for a great hands-on introduction to WriteMapper. If you've graduated from that and want to learn more, this page is the right place to be.

In this guide, you'll find thorough documentation on everything there is to learn about WriteMapper, covered in three parts. You may use the search bar below to sift through the details quickly, or jump right into the first part. Let's get started!


Outline Your Content

Start your work off with brainstorming what you want to write about, creating a content structure that's logical and flows well.

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Write Little Bits of Stuff

Fill in the meat of your content, building on top of the skeleton outline you now have created for your work.

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Get Done!

Once you have the final draft of your work ready to go, get it out there by saving it as a file or exporting its contents.

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Explore WriteMapper

WriteMapper is a software tool that uses mind maps to help you skyrocket your writing productivity.

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