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How do I figure out the order or hierarchy in which the nodes of a WriteMap export?

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The structure of a WriteMap stems from the starting, root node as the title, and cascades outwards correspondingly.

The title of the entire document would be that root node, which is the starting point for the entire document, where everything branches from.

One thing that might help to understand the layout better, would be to toggle the WriteMap’s layout. You can do this a few ways:

  • Right-clicking on the background canvas while viewing the WriteMap, and the clicking “Toggle Map Layout”.
  • Clicking the “View → Toggle Map Layout” option in the menu bar.

There are also visual cues you can use to determine the hierarchy and structure of the WriteMap you're working on. On the left and right of each node, you'll see extra information about the node when you hover your mouse over it.

Displayed on the left is the header level of the node; a H3 tag would indicate a node nested 3 levels deep. And displayed on the right is the position of the node relative to its siblings; the 1/4 indicator would mean that the node is in the first position, followed by 3 nodes after, making for a total of 4 nodes in that level.

To see an example of how a WriteMap corresponds to its exported text document, you can view this blog post of ours, or simply try exporting one for yourself to check out.

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