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How do I upgrade from WriteMapper 2 to WriteMapper 3?

App Updates

WriteMapper 3 is a different app package from WriteMapper 2 altogether, so instead of the usual app updates, you’ll need to download version 3 separately.

Here’s a list of steps to follow to get WriteMapper 3:

  1. Download WriteMapper 3 from the Downloads page on our website.
  2. Install the software to your computer, and run it.
  3. Navigate to WriteMapper > Enter License Code in the menu bar.
  4. Enter your WriteMapper 3 license code details.

License codes specific to WriteMapper 3 (more details here) are required, and may be purchased from the store page on our website.

Do additionally note that upgrading WriteMapper from version 2 to version 3 is entirely optional. Version 2 will continue to remain operational, fully functional and available for download from our website at this link.

Lastly, your old WriteMaps will continue to be accessible and editable, as they have been designed to be compatible across both versions 2 and 3 of the app.

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