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I tried WriteMapper out a while ago, and would like to try it again now. How do I get my trial period reset?

Getting Started

A trial period reset for the desktop app needs to be performed in two parts.

To do so, kindly start the first part of the process with the following steps.

  1. First, open up the WriteMapper app.
  2. Then, in the menu bar, navigate to Help > Get Version Info.
  3. Next, paste and send the copied information in an email to [email protected], indicating also that you’d like a trial reset performed.
  4. Wait for us to write back with confirmation of the reset.

After we reply to confirm the reset on our end, you’ll need to perform these additional steps on your computer to ensure that the reset works.

  1. (On Windows) In File Explorer, navigate to the location C:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\Roaming\WriteMapper (be sure to replace YOUR_USER with your own Windows account’s username).
  2. (On macOS) In Finder, navigate from the menu bar to Go > hold down the Option key > Library > Application Support > WriteMapper.
  3. (optional) Back up the Settings file and the Snapshots folder to your desktop folder or another safe location, by copy-and-pasting it there.
  4. Navigate up one level (on Windows, to the Roaming folder, and on macOS, to the Application Support folder).
  5. Select the WriteMapper folder, and delete it.
  6. Open the app, and the trial should now have been reset.
  7. (optional) Replace the Settings file and Snapshots folder if you made backups, and restart the app.

Do note that this reset procedure is only applicable to desktop (macOS and Windows) versions of WriteMapper, and not on the iPad or iPhone apps.

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