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I’m a university student / teacher / school staff: is there any education pricing or discount available for WriteMapper?


Yes! We're pleased to be able to offer WriteMapper at education pricing.

Education pricing is available to current and newly accepted university students, as well as teachers and staff at all levels.

You will have to verify your '.edu', '.ac', '' (or other educational suffixes) email address below to apply education pricing. Please visit this page in order to do so.

If your email domain is valid, you'll be emailed a verification code at the email address you entered with a numerical verification code, which will expire ten (10) minutes after it's sent. Enter the verification code back into the website to apply and view education pricing.

The license you'll receive, like regular licenses, will allow you to use the full capabilities of WriteMapper, without restrictions.

Do note that quantity limits apply for education pricing—each qualifying email address is limited to two (2) license code purchases per academic year.

Also note that we are not able to provide education pricing for the iPad and iPhone versions of WriteMapper, due to the way the Apple App Store works.

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