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WriteMapper for Academics

WriteMapper will help you bring clarity and structure to your research papers and academic writing.

LET'S FACE IT, writing a research paper is a gargantuan task. When there's so much that needs to be discussed, it can be really difficult to turn all the information you have on your research subject into a logical and readable paper.

What if there was an easier, more visual way to write the paper instead of staring at a wall of text in a word processor?

WriteMapper helps with the academic writing process by simplifying it into three main steps.

1️⃣ Outline Your Content

First, create a skeleton of your work, putting down the main ideas of your paper into a mind map. There should be a root or main node, which branches out into individual sub-points. The app makes the mind map interface interactive, so you can manipulate it however you wish.

WriteMapper Brainstorm-ready

2️⃣ Write Little Bits of Stuff

Each node on the mind map also expands into a distraction-free content editor. In it, you can write more about that node's topic. This relieves you from the pressure of having to write the whole paper at once, and allows you approach the writing in little bite-sized pieces.

WriteMapper Distraction-free Editor

3️⃣ Get Done!

Lastly, when you're done writing, you can export all of it into a text document for further editing or proofreading. There's even a live preview function that'll let you review your work as you go along writing it.

WriteMapper Full Preview

And there you have it! Your research paper is mostly completed, and all that's left to do is to put the finishing touches on it and it'll be ready to print.

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