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WriteMapper 2.7


We've put a ton of work into this update, addressing parts of the app that could be rounded out better, as well as implementing several small but helpful features to get WriteMapper to work even better for you than before.

Also, this release ensures that the WriteMapper will be supported on the soon to be released Apple software operating systems, macOS Catalina and iPadOS. Notably, the app will integrate with Dark Mode on iPadOS, but also continue to work on iOS 12 should you choose to not update your device yet.

Here's a full list of improvements and bug fixes you'll find in this update:

Notable Improvements

  • Added new Categorize Node Colors option to right-click/long-press menu of root node, which sets a distinct color for each H2 node (and their children).
  • Added option to change color tags of individual nodes, without affecting its child nodes.
  • On desktop, added new setting for indicating the language to be used for spellcheck.
  • Better recent file management on iPad, reducing number of files displayed to three, and added an option to clear the list.
  • Dark mode integration with iPadOS, where dark mode in the app will now sync with the dark mode setting of iPadOS.
  • Also search each node’s contents in the Quick Search feature.

Other Improvements

  • Integrated new three-finger swipe to undo/redo and pinch to copy/paste iPadOS gestures into content editor and WriteMap views.
  • Default behaviour of setting the node theme from the content editor now changes the theme for that node only.
  • Hid the scrollbars in the WriteMap view on iPad for a cleaner visual effect.
  • Use Fluent Design System's Acrylic Material for the title bar on Windows.
  • Updated "See What’s New" links in the About section of the Help menu to "Learn More" instead.
  • Removed "Add to Dictionary" from spellcheck menu option on macOS as it tended to not function in a consistent fashion.
  • iPadOS dark mode for file picker, share sheet, file destination selector, keyboard, and list picker views.
  • Improved wording of option on desktop versions to "open or import".
  • Added app icon used in new iPadOS app slide over multitasking views.
  • Integrated new cursor/caret manipulation behaviour on iPadOS.
  • On Windows, added Ctrl+W keyboard shortcut to the editor window.
  • On desktop, improved spellcheck performance.
  • Added link to User Guide in Help menus.
  • Updated tutorial WriteMaps to reflect changes in this version.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug on Windows where scrolling momentum would overflow to WriteMap and cause an unwanted zoom action to trigger.
  • Fixed bug where redo-ing an add sibling node action doesn’t reposition the node correctly.
  • Fixed bug in quick search where the root node could not be selected from the search results.
  • Fixed bug where scrolling quick search results on the iPad would sometimes cause it to close.
  • Made it such that no single color should appear more than twice for first 8 H2 nodes.
  • If the random node color preference is enabled, also apply it to files are imported.
  • Corrected issue with dark mode on macOS Catalina.

Get the Update

Excitingly, having prepared the app to integrate with iPadOS also means that WriteMapper is also well placed to function on iOS 13. We don't have more information to share for now, but we hope to bring you more news about that soon! :)

Meanwhile, WriteMapper 2.7 is available as a free update for past WriteMapper customers, on all platforms. New customers can take the free trial for a spin to test out the latest features we released today, by downloading the desktop app from our website. The iPad app's update will be available from the App Store shortly.

We hope you'll find these new features useful!

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