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Get lifetime access to WriteMapper 4 for a one-time fee, without any recurring payments. Minor updates are included.




 May Price Cap
  1.  Licenses for 5 computers
  2.  One-time purchase
  3.  No recurring payments
  4.  Minor updates included




 May Price Cap
  1.  Licenses for 2 computers
  2.  One-time purchase
  3.  No recurring payments
  4.  Minor updates included



 May Price Cap
  1.  License for 1 computer
  2.  One-time purchase
  3.  No recurring payments
  4.  Minor updates included
Refund Policy

Unlimited access to features that scale your writing output.

One-time purchase includes lifetime use of WriteMapper's version 4 feature set, with minor updates included. Any future major upgrades are strictly optional, and available at half off for returning customers.

Start Outline Detail Finish


Logical and intuitive mind maps for writing.

File Import

Kickstart from an existing starting point.

Ask AI

Brainstorm ideas and generate content.

Focused Design

Strips away unnecessary visual elements.

Structured Writing

Break a task down into bite-sized chunks.

Drag & Drop

Fluid and nimble so you can start anywhere.

Desktop App

Focus better working outside browser tabs.

Free Trial

Explore our fully-featured free trial.

Intro Tutorial

Learn the basics in less than five minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should purchase WriteMapper?

WriteMapper is a content writing productivity tool. Its excels in helping creators, marketers and writers get from idea to final draft in no time, by providing a supercharged writing workflow using mind maps and AI. If you write medium- to long-form content that requires a degree of structuring to make sense of, WriteMapper is an excellent fit for your work.

Do you offer discounts?

Purchasing for two or more computers will reduce per-license costs. We also conduct monthly reviews where prices may be revised upwards, so you may benefit from purchasing sooner rather than later. Otherwise, save for returning customers who've bought prior versions, we unfortunately do not offer discounts for WriteMapper.

Can I re-use my license if I replace my desktop computer?

Yes, you get to keep using it on your new machine, no matter if it's on macOS or a Windows PC. WriteMapper comes with a function that allows you to deactivate your license on the computer you originally used your license code on, directly in the app itself. From there, you may then use the now-deactivated license code on another desktop computer you own. Your computer may change in the future, but your WriteMapper license will continue to stick with you.

What is your refund policy?

Should you require it, email us with your purchase details and we'll perform a full refund on your purchase within fourteen days of the purchase date. You are encouraged to make full use of your trial before purchasing, in order to fully determine if the app suits your needs. Along with that refund, do note that the license codes you purchased will also be revoked and subsequently become invalid.

What do I get after purchasing?

You'll receive your license code(s) for the WriteMapper app. They'll be immediately accessible via our License Manager, and emailed to you, ready for instant activation. You may keep and use these codes perpetually. Minor updates for the version of WriteMapper purchased are also included, with major upgrades strictly optional.

How does the license work?

In brief, one license code allows you to use the app indefinitely for the major version you purchased, and receive minor updates. For any future major version upgrades, you may get licenses at a 50% discount. The discount is calculated based on what you first paid and will never change, even if the official price goes up in the future.

Can I use a single license across multiple computers?

Yes, you can, although you'll need to deactivate and reactivate your license codes when moving between machines, and each license code may only be activated on one computer at a time. If you happen to need to frequently switch between desktop computers, or use WriteMapper on multiple computers at the same time, you may wish to consider purchasing multiple licenses, which will give you the convenience of not having to repeatedly transfer your license.

Can I trust you with my card info?

We work with an established, trusted third party payment service provider, Stripe. Your info is 100% secure — Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Sensitive cardholder data does not hit our server, and is solely processed by Stripe.

More Questions?

We're ready to help! Check out our support page for more FAQs and helpful how-to guides.

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