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Hi, I'm Guan, the solo developer behind WriteMapper.

I released WriteMapper back in 2017 as a simple mind-mapping writing app. While the main goal was to try and start a software business, I also wanted to spend my time on making something worthwhile to add to the world, like a productivity tool.

Since then, I've improved it over time, adding features arising from direct user feedback. My big aspiration for WriteMapper is for it to help people write way more, produce way higher quality work, and all in way less time!

More about me:

Please feel free to contact us me if you've got any feedback or suggestions about WriteMapper! And last but not least - Have a fantastic day!

Guan ✌️

P.S. - If you'd like to help me out and support WriteMapper, please consider leaving an online review.

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WriteMapper is a content writing tool that helps you skyrocket your medium- to long-form writing productivity.

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