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I don't have access to my computer anymore / I reformatted my computer. How do I deactivate or reset my license code that was used on it?


You can perform a remote deactivation of that license code.

This will reset your license code so that it is once more available for use, like when you just bought it, and also revoke access on the machine where it was previously used.

The License Manager is available only to past customers who have previously purchased from our store to obtain license codes. You can use your purchase email to obtain an access code to let you into the License Manager page here.

After verifying your access code, you will be presented with the License Manager interface. For any of your license codes with the status "Valid (In Use)", you may click on the " Reset" option to perform the deactivation. Click "Ok" on the confirmation message, and that's it!

If you encounter any issues, do contact us and let us know about it via email, and we'll get things sorted for you from there.

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