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I found a bug or issue in the software, how do I report it to you?

Bug and Issue Reporting

Get in touch with us via email, using the following template.

Knowing exactly what the issue encountered is, and the sequence of actions to make in order to reproduce the bug, goes a long way in helping us replicate, find and then fix the issue; this allows us to thereafter upload an update that gets the bug fixed for you.

1. Detail Behaviour

Below is a list of bullet points you can quickly fill in to provide us with the key information regarding the issue you're encountering, which you can copy and paste into your email client.

  • WriteMapper version number: [Your answer here]
  • OS name and version: [Your answer here]
  • Expected behaviour: [Your answer here]
  • Actual behaviour: [Your answer here]
  • Exact steps to reproduce:
    1. [Step One]
    2. [Step Two]
    3. [Step Three]

2. Include Version Information

From WriteMapper 2.3.1 onwards, you can directly copy the version information of the release you're currently using straight from the app itself:

  • macOS & Windows: Menu bar > Help > Get Version Info
  • iPad or iPhone: Open a WriteMap > More button in Toolbar > Help Menu... > Get Version Info

More information on how to check which version of WriteMapper you have may be found here.

3. Include Relevant Attachments (optional)

Where possible, please also attach a copy of the .writemap file or exported text documents that you're facing issues with in your email to us. This will really help us identify the issue even more quickly.

You may then send the information to [email protected]. Thanks!

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