What's New in WriteMapper

Here's what we've been working on.

Dark Mode

November 25, 2018

Dark mode has been available in the WriteMapper app since its release, and today we're adding the dark mode capability to this website! To see it in action, click the contrast icon in the menu bar at the top of the page and you'll activate dark mode.

WriteMapper 1.7.2

November 9, 2018  macOSWindowsiPad


  • Added dark mode settings to also apply to the preferences and update windows on desktop.
  • On desktop, updated walkthrough interfaces to also support dark mode.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed node duplication bug, where nodes that were themselves duplicated could not be duplicated again.
  • Addressed a bug where node duplication could not successfully integrate with the action history if undone/redone multiple times.
  • Corrected bug where undo/redo was not working for certain cases of adding sibling nodes.
  • Fixed bug where random colors of H2 level nodes are not replicated when undo/redo is executed adding them.
  • On iPad, added the auto-expand lines keyboard shortcut, available from within the content editor.
  • Fixed a bug on the iPad where using Cmd+E and Cmd+W keyboard shortcuts in quick succession resulted in a botched interface.
  • Corrected a iPad bug where WriteMap files were not being added to the Recents menu upon actions like saving or closing.
  • Fixed root nodes of new WriteMaps on iPad flashing blue when default node color is set to colors other than blue.

WriteMapper 1.7.1

November 2, 2018  macOSWindowsiPad

This update includes a couple of minor improvements and bug fixes pertaining to the focus in version 1.7 of improving the interaction experience of WriteMapper.


  • Refined layout to also work for the newly-released iPad Pro models.
  • Added keyboard shortcut for Toggle Task Status function, as well as to the menu bar.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected a typo in the tutorial WriteMap, under “Use Emojis” node.
  • Updated all “Night Mode” references in the apps to use the “Dark Mode” term instead.

WriteMapper 1.7.1 is available as a free update for past WriteMapper customers, on all platforms. We hope you'll find these updates useful!


October 25, 2018

We've added a new page detailing a handful of WriteMapper's most popular and best-loved features to help our customers, whether new users or long-time supporters, to easily learn more about the app's functions. To view the page, click here.

WriteMapper 1.7

October 19, 2018  macOSWindowsiPad

In this update, we focused on improving the interaction experience of WriteMapper, adding a few new handy and useful functions to the app. Let's get these new features introduced to you:

Task Status

A major feature addition in this update is the Task Status function. You can now mark each individual node as completed, using this feature. This can be set from the mind map interface (long-press menu), or from the content editor (under the tag menu button).

The individual Task Status of each node will then show on left side of each node with a little checkmark indicator icon, so you can continue to use the tilde (~) key keyboard shortcut to see info of all nodes at once.

Duplicate Nodes

Another main feature we added in this update is the ability to duplicate nodes. You can now duplicate nodes on a WriteMap, making useful copies of existing nodes.

Similarly accessible the long-press menu, you can also use the Cmd+D keyboard shortcut when a node is selected. The action also integrates into the undo/redo action history, so that the workflow continues to make sense.

Collapse Other Nodes

If you've ever had to deal with an extremely large WriteMap, it can sometimes help to collapse everything else and just focus on a small section of the WriteMap for a bit.

Another feature upgrade we added in this update is the ability to collapse all other nodes except the currently selected one. This function allows you to just that, and you can access it from the menu shown when long-pressing a node.

Other Improvements

Besides those main features, here's a bunch of other improvements we've added to the app:

  • Styled desktop toolbar depending on if window is focused or blurred.
  • Made links click-able from within the content editor, when the link tooltip is opened.
  • Improved the window name when viewing the tutorial on desktop.
  • On iPad, highlight and select the initial default “Title” content of new nodes when creating them.
  • On iPad, enable tapping on white circle to collapse / expand nodes, to work with Apple Pencil input.
  • Corrected the long-press menu options available for the root node, on the iPad version.
  • Slightly improved app size by removing unused files and libraries.

Get the Update

WriteMapper 1.7 is available as a free update for past WriteMapper customers, on all platforms. New customers can take the free trial for a spin to test out the latest features we released today, by downloading the desktop app from our website, or getting the iPad app from the App Store.

We hope you'll find these new features useful!

WriteMapper 1.6

September 29, 2018  macOSWindowsiPad

In this update, we focused on making improvements to the file format of WriteMap documents, building the app to to be more consistent in file export behaviour across all three platforms the app is available on.

These changes, while not immediately apparent from within the app's interface itself, may be instead found in the documents of various file formats that the app supports exporting of. The following are the updates found in this latest version of WriteMapper:


On desktop versions of the app, image data is now handled internally by the program, instead of being linked to an external media resource; as has been the case on the iPad version.

Export behaviour of files have been improved, with MD and HTML files containing images now using the image source URL or path, instead of clunky and unwieldy base64 data strings.

Tying up loose ends of the updates from the previous update in version 1.5, we've now also finally added plain text export support for proper indentation of nested lists.

Get the Update

WriteMapper 1.6 is available as a free update for past WriteMapper customers, on all platforms. New customers can take the free trial for a spin to test out the latest features we released today, by downloading the desktop app from our website, or getting the iPad app from the App Store.

We hope you'll enjoy these new features!

WriteMapper 1.5.2

September 2, 2018  macOSWindowsiPad

Furthering the focus on making style and formatting improvements to WriteMapper in version 1.5, we're glad to announce these additions in WriteMapper 1.5.2:

Indented Lists

The content editor can now handle indented or nested lists, up to 8 levels deep. Exported documents will also similarly produce documents with nested lists, except on TXT documents where this feature is currently unsupported.

Latest macOS & iOS Support

We updated the macOS and iPad apps for macOS Mojave and iOS 12 compatibility, respectively. WriteMapper will now defer to the newly available dark mode settings on macOS Mojave, if turned on in System Preferences.

Other Improvements

On the iPad, we updated the references in tutorial WriteMap to the in-app purchase button. Also, individual windows are now named by the title of the root node instead of a generic "WriteMapper" title, on desktop versions.

We hope you'll enjoy these new features!

Outline Insight

August 20, 2018

Outlining can be an amazingly powerful weapon in the writer's arsenal if used well. Prominent and notable writers have utilised their own styles and variants of this step in their writing processes to great effect, and many notable works of writing have been produced with the help of an outline.

Today, we're glad to announce Outline Insight, a collection of curated examples sharing how the experts are using outlining to win in their respective fields, from Nobel prize winners, world-renowned academics, Pulitzer prize recipients, Ivy League scholars and industry mavens.

Each Outline Insight details a short story on the author's background and work, and aims to briefly but concisely shed light on how exactly has the process of outlining helped these writers produce amazing writing. There are eight such Outline Insights to begin with at this time of launching it, and we'll also be continually adding to this collection.

We hope you'll find these stories insightful.

WriteMapper 1.5.1

August 2, 2018  macOSWindows

Improved the dialog interface which pops up when an unsaved document is attempted to be closed, by adding the "Save" option and setting it as the primary, default option.

WriteMapper 1.5

July 27, 2018  macOSWindowsiPad

In this update, we focused on making style and formatting improvements to WriteMapper across all three platforms the app is available on: macOS, Windows and the iPad.

We've worked hard on making the app easier and more natural to use than ever, removing as much friction as possible from your writing workflow to let your creativity shine through.

Here's the full list of improvements we've made to the app in this update:

  • Improved the style metadata of exported DOCX files, such as for titles and headings.
  • Improved styling of root node, only showing its info when selected, like the other nodes.
  • The width of nodes with no children now expand to fit its contents as you type, making it easier to see what you're typing.
  • Adjusted line height of text in the content editor to use golden typography ratio for better viewing.
  • WriteMap saving, exporting and copying to clipboard operations now show you visual confirmation when completed.
  • Updated autosave frequency to every five minutes, preventing unnecessary processing from happening.
  • Added a random color option for newly-created H2-level nodes. This is enabled by default, and can be toggled in your Preferences.
  • Added a license deactivation note in the preferences window on desktop, to help guide users changing computers.
  • Improved content handling on desktop versions, where pasted text retains formatting.
  • Set behaviour of app to not quit when all windows are closed on macOS.

Besides those, also in this update are a number of bug fixes:

  • Corrected an issue where instances of a specific text arrangement would not export correctly to the DOCX format.
  • Fixed a bug on the iPad where the button for in-app purchases would overlap and obscure the toolbar when in Split View.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple nested share dialogs would incorrectly appear when export options are tapped in quick succession on the iPad.
  • Corrected the positioning of the share dialog when exporting a file on the iPad.

WriteMapper 1.5 is available as a free update for past WriteMapper customers, on all platforms. New customers can take the free trial for a spin to test out the latest features we released today, by downloading the desktop app from our website, or getting the iPad app from the App Store.

We hope you'll enjoy these new features!


July 19, 2018

We have updated our Press page, so that basic information about the WriteMapper line of products and other general information about us are more conveniently accessible for journalists to reference. To view the page, click here.

WriteMapper 1.4

July 17, 2018  iPad

In this first major update for WriteMapper for iPad since its launch, we were entirely focused on bringing further key platform features of iOS to the app. We're happy to share that the app now supports these amazing iOS features on your iPad:

1. Split View

In addition to already supporting the Slide Over feature found on iOS, this update allows you to take your multitasking productivity to another level when you're using WriteMapper for iPad. You can now also have the app open side by side another app, using the Split View.

2. Apple Pencil

If you're used to having an Apple Pencil in your hand while doing work on your iPad, this update is for you: we've added Apple Pencil support in this update! It's just another thing that helps make WriteMapper for iPad more versatile, powerful, and natural than ever.

3. Other Improvements

We're committed to consistently improving WriteMapper. Besides the main feature additions as reported above, in this version, we've also made these fixes and improvements to the app:

  • Fixed the long-press node colour changing menu missing the teal option.
  • Fixed tilde (~) keyboard shortcut not working when in the WriteMap view.
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent background color of the content editor.

WriteMapper 1.4 is available as a free update for all our past WriteMapper for iPad customers. New customers can also take the free trial for a spin to test out the latest features we released today, by getting the app from the App Store, or buy it through the in-app purchase.

We hope you'll enjoy these new features!

WriteMapper for iPad

July 6, 2018  iPad

It’s taken way more time and effort than expected to deliver an amazing product for the iPad, but we’re so glad that it’s finally here. Today, we’re incredibly excited to be sharing the latest and greatest addition to the WriteMapper family with you: WriteMapper for iPad.

On top of bringing WriteMapper’s best features to the iPad, WriteMapper for iPad was reworked from the fundamentals to be deeply integrated with and optimised for an incredible iPad usage experience. Here’s a couple of features and capabilities which we’ve leveraged from the power of iOS, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, to help you get your writing work done in no time at all:

1. Files Integration

With the help of the file management capabilities of the Files app on iOS, it’s really easy to save, sync and access your WriteMaps across your devices.

2. Drag and Drop

Magically move text and images from other apps into the distraction-free editor with just a finger, or rearrange the nodes in your WriteMap by dragging them around.

3. Keyboard Shortcuts

Typing is even better on the iPad with an external hardware keyboard, and we’ve made it even easier to keep the typing flow going by integrating multiple handy keyboard shortcuts.

We’re looking forward to your comments and feedback on our Product Hunt post, after giving the free trial a spin. So grab your iPad and keyboard, head on down to the coffee shop, and see what you can do with WriteMapper for iPad — we hope you’ll find it useful!

WriteMapper 1.3.1

July 4, 2018  macOSWindows

Fixed an issue with connecting to the server during the license verification process.

WriteMapper 1.3

July 3, 2018  macOSWindows

This latest update is all about getting the desktop version up to speed with the features that will be available in the upcoming release of WriteMapper for iPad.

Today, we're adding three new major features that have been highly requested by our customers: Spellcheck, Pinch-to-Zoom and Recent Documents.

1. Spellcheck

Getting your writing work done quick is the entire purpose of WriteMapper. This version of the app now incorporates spellcheck ability, helping you spot and correct your typing mistakes faster than ever. This feature is enabled by default, but if you'd prefer otherwise, there also exists the option to disable spellcheck from the Preferences window.

2. Pinch-to-Zoom

In addition to the two existing ways (keyboard shortcuts and from clicking the zoom option in the toolbar) of setting your desired zoom level on the WriteMap view, you can now also use the pinch-zoom gesture on computers and hardware that support it. Nifty!

3. Recent Documents

It's now more convenient than ever to access your most recent WriteMaps. On macOS, you can view and access your recent WriteMaps by right-clicking the WriteMapper icon in the Dock, or from the "Open Recent" item in the menu bar. On Windows, you can similarly view and access your recent WriteMaps by right-clicking the WriteMapper icon in the Taskbar.

Other Improvements

Besides the three new features listed above, we've also made these minor fixes and improvements in this release:

  • While the content editor is open, you can now also use the Ctrl/Cmd + E keyboard shortcut to exit to the WriteMap view, besides hitting the escape key.
  • Applied a fix for the animation seen during the process of creating a new WriteMap not lining up exactly with the new node in the created WriteMap.
  • Fixed an issue where opening WriteMap files on the Windows platform from a state where the app hasn’t been instantiated doesn’t work.
  • Improved WriteMap file name handling to not use the restricted colon (:) character.

Take it for a spin!

WriteMapper 1.3 is available as a free update for all our past WriteMapper customers. WriteMapper for macOS and WriteMapper for Windows are both available for purchase from the store page on our website — you can also take the free trial for a spin to test out the latest features we released today. We hope you'll enjoy these latest updates!

We have a date!

June 28, 2018  iPad

One of our most highly-requested items from our users, WriteMapper for the iPad will be coming to the iOS App Store this coming Thursday, the 5th of July 2018.

More than a year's worth of design, coding and testing work has gone into the latest version of WriteMapper, and we can't wait to share it with you!

Until then, stay tuned via email here, or on Twitter and Facebook, where we'll be sharing the latest updates.

WriteMapper 1.2.4

May 24, 2018  macOSWindows


  • Overall environment performance improvements.
  • Added use of ellipsis for overflowing titles in editor mode.
  • Removed behaviour of selection of root note when opening a new WriteMap.
  • Updated minor typo in the tutorial WriteMap.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where code blocks for default root nodes wasn’t styled to the correct color.
  • Fixed issue where the caret would not line up correctly when typing into a snippet of inline code.
  • Fixed bug where opening a new window while in full screen mode would result in not being able to switch windows.
  • Fixed issue where links would open up in an internal browser window.

WriteMapper 1.2.3

November 29, 2017  macOSWindows

Minor fix for an issue faced when Control + clicking on a Mac to bring up the right-click menu also erroneously triggering the dragging action on the node that was right-clicked.

On Windows, fixed an issue faced by customers where new nodes weren't able to be added.

WriteMapper 1.2.2

November 29, 2017  macOS

Fixed an issue faced by customers on macOS High Sierra (10.13.1) where new nodes weren't able to be added.

WriteMapper 1.2.1

October 25, 2017  macOSWindows

Fixed an issue where the Default Map Layout setting wasn't respected, when set to "Cascading Mind Map" upon opening a new WriteMap.

WriteMapper 1.2.0

October 24, 2017  macOSWindows

Added autosave feature. WriteMaps that have been saved to a specific location, or opened from an existing file, will be automatically saved as you work on it. Autosave is enabled by default, and you can also disable this from the preferences window, if you wish.

Fixed an issue where the Default Node Info Display setting wasn't respected, when set to "Node's Content Word Count" upon opening a new WriteMap.

License Add-Ons

October 3, 2017

Customers who previously have purchased either the Single or Universal Licenses may now upgrade their licenses to a higher tier, within 30 days of their purchase.

In addition to the license codes you previously purchased, the add-on will let you purchase 1-4 additional license codes, and you'll only have to pay the additional price difference. This means you'll get to enjoy the discounts you would otherwise have gotten had you earlier purchased a license tier with more license codes.

Visit this link for more details.

WriteMapper 1.1.3

October 2, 2017  macOSWindows

A minor update, but the first for both macOS and Windows platforms:

  • Fixed a bug where complete .writemap files wouldn't get saved if done so from within the content editor view.
  • Windows-only: Updated example WriteMap to use Windows-specific keyboard shortcut examples.

WriteMapper for Windows

September 26, 2017  Windows

After lots of hard work, we’ve just launched the Windows version of WriteMapper on Product Hunt!

You can download the 7-day free Windows trial from any download link on this website, and also from this dedicated download page. Licenses purchased from our store can be used interchangeably across the Windows and macOS apps at no extra cost, whether they were purchased prior to the release of this Windows app or after. Furthermore, should you decide to switch your operating system in the future (like from Windows to macOS, or vice-versa), you’ll be able bring your WriteMapper license along with you and use it on your new computer too!

The version of the WriteMapper Windows app is 1.1.2, and the features available are identical to that currently as in the Mac app. From here on, both the Windows and macOS apps will receive updates in parallel, and each will enjoy new features and improvements at the same rate.

We’d like to thank the macOS community for the amazing response which WriteMapper’s received since our initial launch about a month ago. The Mac app has since gotten some really positive feedback on Reddit as well as on Cult of Mac, and we’re delighted to now be able to share WriteMapper with the Windows community as well.

Check out our Product Hunt launch post to find out more about WriteMapper for Windows!

WriteMapper 1.1.2

September 22, 2017  macOS

  • Fixes an issue where the HTML whitespace character would appear in some exported text documents.

WriteMapper 1.1.1

September 20, 2017  macOS

Fixed an important usability issue for users on larger displays, like the 5k iMac:

  • Added editor text body font size adjustment options and preferences.

Apple Pay

September 9, 2017

Our store now accepts Apple Pay. If you're on a suitable macOS or iOS device, with your Wallet already set up, you should now see Apple Pay as the default option on our store page.

WriteMapper 1.1.0

September 9, 2017  macOS

This is our first major update for WriteMapper, in which we've included two highly-requested features as well as a number of fixes and improvements.

Link Image Files or URLs

You may now include images from the editor when using WriteMapper. For more details on how to use images, please see our support article on the subject.

Deactivate License Code

In the event that you are moving to a new computer, you may now deactivate your license on the old machine, and use it again on the new one. More information can be found in our support article about it.


Bug fixes and improvements in this update:

  • Fixed some display issues on the beta release of macOS High Sierra.
  • Fixed some issues with the animation when opening an editor while zoomed in/out.
  • Fixed an issue where the quit prompt wouldn’t appear, after saving while in the editor view.
  • Fixed an UI issue where verified licenses wouldn’t be shown as such in the Preferences window.
  • Made “Cancel” option for quit dialog the default selection.
  • Made cascading WriteMap layout the default setting.p

Support Articles

September 4, 2017

We've just published 27 different support articles spanning 6 categories, containing answers to frequently asked questions we've received, and useful guided how-tos related to WriteMapper.

You may visit our Support page to view them.

WriteMapper 1.0.4

September 2, 2017  macOS


  • Edited the shade of yellow used for higher contrast and better readability.
  • Added formatting options to right click menu when editing contents of a node.
  • Optimised size of app download.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused some MS Word file exports to not be able to open.
  • Fixed an issue where hitting the escape key exits the editing panel itself, instead of just closing the link editing popup.

Education Pricing

August 27, 2017  macOS

We now offer education pricing for WriteMapper in our store, available to current and newly accepted university students, as well as teachers and staff at all levels.

Visit this page to verify your education email and apply education pricing.

WriteMapper 1.0.3

August 23, 2017  macOS

  • Fixed an issue where new windows would get stuck if you changed the "Default Node Info Display" setting to "Node’s Position".

WriteMapper 1.0.2

August 22, 2017  macOS

This is our first update for some small bug fixes, subsequent to our initial release of WriteMapper 1.0.1.

  • Fixed an issue where uppercase license codes couldn’t be keyed in.
  • Updated trial period from 10 hours to 7 days.

Introducing WriteMapper 👋

August 22, 2017  macOS

We're excited to share an amazing product of ours with you today! It's a mind-mapping macOS app that helps writers get from idea to final draft in no time at all. After drafting your thoughts in the mind map, you can then export a text document to your writing app of choice, to put on the finishing touches.

WriteMapper does wonders for one's writing productivity, both in terms of being able to generate ideas quickly and structuring your written work in a sequence that flows and makes sense. You'll find yourself getting from title to final draft in no time at all!

It works especially well for writers working on medium to long form content, who would greatly benefit from bringing a level of structuredness to their work — which would otherwise be one long, flowy, messy text document. On top of that, it also works best for visual thinkers, who much better comprehend seeing things in pictures than in words.

Without further ado, let us show you some of the app's best features that'll help you blitz through your writing assignments and pesky deadlines!

Visually comprehensive

WriteMapper was built to leverage the visual nature of mind maps to give you an overview of your writing structure. Just one glance is all it takes for you to get a good feel for the flow of your work. In doing so, you get a comprehensive yet clear picture of what's going on in your content.

Your writing, at a glance

You can easily get a bird's-eye view summary of your writing simply by looking at the mind map you created. You'll instantly see where in your content you can start to make adjustments for improvement; you'll know it when it looks perfect!

Drag and drop

Shifting sections of content around in WriteMapper is a simple as drag-and-drop. Each node can be dragged around in the app, and repositioned under any other node. Any nodes that might have been under the one you're moving follow along too — it works exactly how you'd intend it to.

Zoom in/out 🔍

Have too many nodes to fit into your screen? You can set a comfortable zoom level that'll let you fit in the whole WriteMap. On top of that, you can also collapse and expand node that have children, allowing you to further organise what you're looking at by hiding the nodes that aren't necessary to look at in that instant.

Brainstorm-ready 💭

Ever write down the title, and then face a mental struggle with the rest of the blank page? WriteMapper helps you overcome writer's block by turning your writing process into a brainstorming exercise.

Generate ideas relentlessly

Brainstorming with a mind map allows you to rapidly and relentlessly generate ideas and points for your writing. Just spend a couple minutes on this quick-fire process, and before you know it, you'll have a fully-formed content structure all ready to go.

Break things down into sub-points

It also helps to break bigger topics or points into smaller, easier-to-tackle sub-points. This allows you to overcome what feels like an insurmoutable task of writing the entire contents of your title, all at once.

Never run out of space

Unlike how you might trying to draw a mind-map on physical paper, you'll never run out of space using WriteMapper. The squiggily lines connecting nodes don't have to awkwardly snake around for a million miles before leading where you want it to. This is all handled automatically for you in this app.

Distraction-free editor

The distraction-free writing mode helps you shift gears from the all-aspects-considered nature of the mind map, to the focused task of detailing the contents of the individual sub-point you're zoomed in on.

Write notes/content for each of your sub-points

Each node has a content section. You can jump into the editor mode for each of your nodes on the WriteMap and start filling in content relevant to the particular sub-point. This allows you to tackle writing about one small part of your overall piece at a time, instead of trying to wrestle with writing about a big, hairy subject title all at once.

Style and edit to your liking ✏️

More than just type text, WriteMapper also allows you to style this written content however you like (see what we did there? 😜). All the styles are export-friendly as well, and will get preserved when you export your WriteMap into a text document for continued editing later on.

Compatible file exports 📄

WriteMapper uses the nested structure of a mind map to automatically create and export a text document for you, right in your Mac's file system. You can then edit the exported document in your text editing app of choice, to give that final draft the polish it needs to bring it to completion.

With this supercharged content generation workflow, you'll get your writing done in no time at all.

Organise your own files to your liking

You're not held hostage to any third-party file management systems when using WriteMapper. This app works like how you would normally expect any desktop app to work: you can save and export files directly to your filesystem, and then open them up later on to continue working on them.

Our .writemap file format enables you to do the same for WriteMaps you haven't yet exported, and would like to continue working on or view, somewhere down the road.

Have multiple WriteMaps open at once

WriteMapper also allows the flexibility of working on multiple WriteMaps at once, by having multiple WriteMapper windows open. If you need to work on two pieces in parallel, you just might find this feature helpful!

Multiple file formats

WriteMapper comes with a powerful export function that allows you to view the result of your work in almost any text editing software. The export function allows you to export to five different file formats:

  • Markdown
  • HTML
  • Microsoft Word
  • Plain Text
  • Rich Text Format

With so many file formats to choose from, you're free to continue making the final edits to your work in your favourite writing app of choice. With the structure of the content already in place, you'll find that the final edit will take no time at all.

If you're directly uploading to an online publishing platform, you can also export your content to the clipboard. From there, it's as simple as pasting the contents of your WriteMap directly into the intended destination!


Those were just the best features of WriteMapper, but there are lots more of them! We've spent lots of time on crafting the app to perfection, ensuring that it's able to do everything you would ask of a mind-mapping app for writing work. Here are some other features that we've put into the app to help boost 💪 your writing productivity.

Color tags

Choose from a bunch of different color tags to help organise your WriteMap. It also certainly doesn't hurt that the colors give the nodes that much more pop!

Keyboard shortcuts

What good is a productivity app if it doesn't give you keyboard shortcuts to help skyrocket your writing productivity? WriteMapper allows you to boost your writing productivity with a range of simple keyboard shortucts.

Night mode

Work in comfort, day or night, with a beautifully-designed night mode interface.

Emoji support 😎

WriteMapper comes with full Emoji support, and you can use them throughout your WriteMap, however you like! Exports to all file formats also preserve the Emojis in your exported text documents 📄 (when viewed using apps that suport Emoji), so feel free to use Emoji however you wish! 👌

Auto-expand lines into nodes

Sometimes you might start typing out the content of a node, but realize later that it's actually a more complex point. No problem! WriteMapper allows you to auto-magically expand lines of text content into new child nodes on the mind map.

Try it out!

This entire blog post was written using WriteMapper. You can do the same for your work too! Here's how and where you can get your hands on your copy of the app.

Where to get it

WriteMapper is a macOS app; and minimally requires OS X Mavericks (10.9) to run. It's even macOS High Sierra ready! You can download a copy free to try for a limited time period from our website. After the time trial is over, you'll need to purchase a license for continued use from our online store. It's a one-time purchase, and the license allows you lifetime use of the WriteMapper app.

Questions, suggestions and feedback

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback you'd like to direct to us, you can contact us via email at [email protected], or on Twitter and Facebook.

Welcome to WriteMapper

August 9, 2017

We're working on some very exciting software, and we simply can't wait to share more with you. For now though, hold tight while we perfect things around here. You'll be hearing more from us soon!

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