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It’s here! We’ve been working hard on a couple major new feature additions to WriteMapper during and through the holiday period, and we’re incredibly proud and excited to finally show it to all of you.

In this update, we focused on unlocking the potential of WriteMapper as a writing tool even further, making it an even more powerful tool in your writing productivity arsenal. Here’s what’s new in this release:

1. File Import

Besides exporting, you can now import other filetypes into the WriteMapper app, and work on them as a mind map! For starters, WriteMapper supports import of most of the filetypes it currently exports to, namely Markdown (.md), HTML (.html) and DOCX (.docx) files. Furthermore, we've also included import capabilities for the OPML file format — which is one of the most-asked-for features from our users.

2. Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

WriteMapper 2 will take your keyboard writing productivity to another level, now that it allows you to set custom keyboard shortcuts. If you prefer another key binding as opposed to the default ones, you can now configure that from the settings menu of the app. This will hopefully help you to do more in less time — and perhaps without your fingers ever needing to leave your keyboard at all.

3. Full Document Preview

Get a quick overview of the state of your work in its document form, directly from the WriteMapper app itself with the new full document export preview feature. Besides being great for proofreading, the preview mode also allows you to toggle various modes of exploring your preview, helping you digest your writing quicker and easier than ever before. A handy full document word and character count calculator is also included, which displays that information for you in preview mode.

Other Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was causing an issue with the default layout of the tutorial WriteMap on the desktop app.
  • Updated default font size setting to be applied in real-time, each time the editor is opened.
  • Improved “About WriteMapper” display information and interface.
  • Added a “New WriteMap from Node” option to the right-click and long-press menus of non-root nodes, on desktop and iPad respectively.
  • Added support for switching Dark Mode on macOS System Preferences, updating the WriteMapper interface in real-time.
  • Fully adopt Dark Mode for macOS, where dialog interfaces are also now adapted to Dark Mode.
  • Updated tutorial WriteMap to also include mentions of recently-developed features.
  • Default the spellcheck setting on desktop as disabled to make it an opt-in feature.
  • On iPad, updated in-app purchase interface to adopt Dark Mode if it has been turned on by the user.
  • On iPad, added a document picker to the “Import Existing File” option, allowing easier access to file imports.
  • Improved tolerance and decreased press duration required for long-press gesture on iPad.
  • Corrected a bug on iPad where disabled toolbar buttons were erroneously allowed to be tapped.
  • On iPad, added the option to collapse and expand all nodes to the root node’s long-press menu.
  • Fixed issue on iPad where orientation change would displace tooltips shown in the content editor and in the intro view.

These features were major implementations, each of which required an extensive amount of work to make possible; and we hope they will help WriteMapper be an even more capable asset in your writing workflow.

WriteMapper 2 is available as a free update for past WriteMapper customers, on all platforms. Existing customers should have received an email with the subject "Your WriteMapper 2 License Codes", which contains the necessary information for getting started with WriteMapper 2.

New customers can get discounted launch pricing if purchasing within the next 7 days. Take the free trial for a spin to test out the latest features we released today, by downloading the desktop app from our website, or getting the iPad app from the App Store!

Do also join the conversation about WriteMapper 2’s launch on Product Hunt. Otherwise, we hope you'll find WriteMapper useful in getting your ideas out there this 2019 — happy new year and thank you for your support!

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