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Outlining can be an amazingly powerful weapon in the writer's arsenal if used well. Prominent and notable writers have utilised their own styles and variants of this step in their writing processes to great effect, and many notable works of writing have been produced with the help of an outline.

Today, we're glad to announce Outline Insight, a collection of curated examples sharing how the experts are using outlining to win in their respective fields, from Nobel prize winners, world-renowned academics, Pulitzer prize recipients, Ivy League scholars and industry mavens.

Each Outline Insight details a short story on the author's background and work, and aims to briefly but concisely shed light on how exactly has the process of outlining helped these writers produce amazing writing. There are eight such Outline Insights to begin with at this time of launching it, and we'll also be continually adding to this collection.

We hope you'll find these stories insightful.

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