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WriteMapper 1.7.2



  • Added dark mode settings to also apply to the preferences and update windows on desktop.
  • On desktop, updated walkthrough interfaces to also support dark mode.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed node duplication bug, where nodes that were themselves duplicated could not be duplicated again.
  • Addressed a bug where node duplication could not successfully integrate with the action history if undone/redone multiple times.
  • Corrected bug where undo/redo was not working for certain cases of adding sibling nodes.
  • Fixed bug where random colors of H2 level nodes are not replicated when undo/redo is executed adding them.
  • On iPad, added the auto-expand lines keyboard shortcut, available from within the content editor.
  • Fixed a bug on the iPad where using Cmd+E and Cmd+W keyboard shortcuts in quick succession resulted in a botched interface.
  • Corrected a iPad bug where WriteMap files were not being added to the Recents menu upon actions like saving or closing.
  • Fixed root nodes of new WriteMaps on iPad flashing blue when default node color is set to colors other than blue.

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