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Getting straight to what's in this update, besides the usual bug fixes and improvements, we're also introducing a brand new feature in this release:

Absorb Child Nodes

WriteMapper has had the ability to turn lines of words within a node's contents into children nodes since the app was launched. In this version, we're adding a new feature which allows you to do the reverse — turn nodes into contents.

This helps with generating ideas for writing out the contents of a node's topic, by creating and ordering sub-points in the mind map interface before pulling them all into the parent node. From there, it's a matter of turning those points into complete sentences, and that's that node now taken care of!

You can check it out on your own copy of WriteMapper by right-clicking/long-pressing any node that has child nodes, and selecting the "Absorb Children" option. You can also select the node, and use the Cmd+Shift+A keyboard shortcut on macOS and iPad, or Ctrl+Shift+A on Windows.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Updated some code package libraries in anticipation of the upcoming iPadOS public release.
  • Fixed issue with undo/redo keyboard shortcuts not working consistently in WriteMap view on Windows version.
  • Corrected Header Letter Casing export option to also apply to Header Numbering setting, when set to Decimal.
  • Removed the question mark character from file names when saving files.
  • Updated autosave message wording on iPad to give clearer information.

Get the Update

WriteMapper 2.6 is available as a free update for past WriteMapper customers, on all platforms. New customers can take the free trial for a spin to test out the latest features we released today, by downloading the desktop app from our website, or getting the iPad app from the App Store.

We hope you'll find this new feature useful!

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