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WriteMapper 2.9


Hot off the heels following the release of WriteMapper 2.8 as the iPhone version, comes another update improving upon the app's capabilities as a productivity tool. Here's what's new in this release:

Spellcheck & Autocorrect

The key focus in this version was to rewrite the content editor's Spellcheck implementation on desktop versions, creating a more efficient and consistent writing experience for our customers. Spellcheck now finds suggestions quicker when you right-click a misspelling. Also, styled text now retain their attributes when corrected.

We've also built an Autocorrect mechanism into the content editor, allowing for an even smoother typing experience. Autocorrect also uses a smart algorithm to determine if your typing should be corrected, based on the similarity of the suggested correction. You can enable or disable this behaviour from the Preferences window, where it's enabled by default on macOS.

Other Improvements

  • Enable pinch-to-zoom on the iPad to also pan to the zoomed in local region.
  • Select the root node when “Toggle Node Info” is tapped, if in WriteMap view.
  • Improve visual look of toolbar buttons on iPad by removing its outline border after tapping it.
  • On desktop, improved how Snapshots handles different files that have the same header topic name.
  • Set minimum zoom more consistently on iOS and iPadOS across both portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Added a link to the User Guide in tutorial WriteMaps.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing images from being exported on the iPad version.
  • Fixed an issue causing dark mode to not work on the new public release of iPadOS.
  • Removed stray temporary message elements caused by overlapping triggers on iPad and desktop.
  • Fixed a bug to do with the title bar not updating to new file names on Windows.
  • Fixed an error on the desktop version when clicking the cancel option in the open file dialog.
  • On iPhone, fixed selecting Cancel from the Select Snapshot menu showing an empty menu.
  • Fixed misalignment of Preferences menu items on 5.8-inch iPhone screens.
  • On iPhone, prevent situations where new node topic text entry on the WriteMap view is blocked by the toolbar.
  • Corrected a bug on Windows where spellcheck sometimes deviates from the selected language.

Get the Update

WriteMapper 2.9 is available as a free update for past WriteMapper customers, on all platforms. New customers can take the free trial for a spin to test out the latest features we released today, by downloading the desktop app from our website, or by getting the iPhone app and iPad app from the App Store.

We hope you'll find these new features useful!

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