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We’ve been busy working on a big update for WriteMapper over the past many months, and we’re now incredibly proud and excited to finally launch it and show all of you.

The scope for this update has been, as always, greatly influenced by direct customer feedback, which helps us make WriteMapper as useful as it can be to your writing productivity. Here’s what’s new in WriteMapper 3:

1. Live Document Preview

Further improving what was previously the Full Document Preview feature, your mind map can now be previewed in a separate window as a full text document — with automatic, on-the-fly updates of the preview as you work.

Live Document Preview now also comes with a sidebar outline which concisely lists your mind map’s contents, making it quick and easy to navigate lengthy documents containing many nodes.

2. PDF Export Format

Another highly-requested feature from customers, WriteMapper now also allows you to export your work directly to the PDF file format.

You no longer have to export your work as an intermediary document, opening it with a word processor application, then manually re-exporting as a PDF file. That’s even more time saved!

3. Apple Silicon Support

M1 Mac owners will now be also able to reap the full performance benefits of the processor architecture with WriteMapper 3, as it is now compatible with this new computer chip.

Intel-based Macs (as well as Windows computers) will of course continue to be supported, and continue to be able to have the WriteMapper app run on them.

And (a whole lot) more!

Besides the above headlining features, here’s a complete list of everything else that’s new in WriteMapper 3.


  • Code Block Syntax setting: toggles whether to code-format code blocks within the content editor.
  • Quick Search functionality is now more complete, allowing searching of text within the content editor interface itself.
  • File-saving workflow: Use last known destination instead of “Default File Folder” setting.
  • Max. Node Width setting: Customisable maximum node widths for displaying more information in the node’s title.
  • Expand to Depth: Expand nodes to a set depth (H1-H6).
  • Delete This Node Only: Delete a node while keeping its child nodes.
  • Autosave Interval setting: custom interval timing for Snapshots.
  • Autosave Notifications setting: turn on/off autosave notifications.


  • Update/download window is now always on top.
  • Download progress bar is now has animated transitions.
  • Updated settings window size, layout, design and categorisation.
  • Updated emoji pattern matching library.
  • Toolbar menu options now use dynamic widths to fit their contents.
  • Link format in the content editor now accepts non-fully formed URLs.
  • Improved range of font sizes available in the Default Editor Font Size setting.
  • Improved light and dark mode appearance detection settings.
  • Improved mouse and pinch zoom input center position calculations.
  • Updated backend code framework libraries.


  • Unified color themes of nodes across Windows and macOS versions.
  • Updated text to read “Preparing to install”, after download completes.
  • Removed the “Toggle Dark Mode” menu option.
  • Updated tutorial WriteMaps to reflect new features.
  • Redesigned WriteMapper app and document icons.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the recent files menu not being populated on macOS.
  • Fixed issue with positioning of content editor’s header bar while scrolling.
  • Fixed bug on Windows with updates leaving multiple entries in the control panel.
  • In Default File Folder, fixed error when selecting “choose location > Cancel”.
  • Fixed bug where toolbar button hover tooltips would not show in some instances.
  • Fixed a bug allowing Spellcheck to be properly disabled.

Get the App

WriteMapper 3 is now available for download on macOS and Windows, and you can take the free trial for a spin. This will also be our first paid update (since 1.0!) for existing users in almost four years.

WriteMapper 2 users looking to upgrade as well as new customers can also take advantage of discounted launch pricing, which will be available in our store for the next seven days.

Lastly, we welcome you to also join the conversation about WriteMapper 2’s launch on Product Hunt. Thank you for your support!

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