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I’ve bought a license, now where do I enter my license codes to use them?


Thanks for the purchase! If you haven't already, first follow the instructions found here to download and install a copy of WriteMapper.

Next, to use your license code(s), simply open up the app, and select the WriteMapper → Enter License Code option in the menu bar.

In the new window that opens, enter your license code, along with your email address, exactly as they appear in the email we sent you after your purchase. You may also use the copy (Cmd/Ctrl+C) and paste (Cmd/Ctrl+V) keyboard shortcuts to make entering the code quicker and easier.

If you encounter an error saying that the license code isn't accepted, please ensure that:

  • You're able to connect to the internet, and have an active internet connection.
  • The license code and email entered are exactly the same as the ones we sent you via email.
  • Your license code hasn't been previously used on another machine.

Otherwise, a confirmation message should display in the window where you entered your license code and email. Once that's done, you'll be all set to continue using WriteMapper.

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