Can I continue to use the same WriteMapper license code when I upgrade or change computers in the future?


Yes, you absolutely may do so.

Each license may only be used for one computer at a time. Once you enter your license code into a copy of WriteMapper, it's considered redeemed, and cannot be used on another machine.

However, in the event that you need to switch over to another computer, you can deactivate your license code, thereafter using it once again on another machine.

NOTE: When using your WriteMapper license code on a new computer, besides performing this reset, please kindly also ensure that you've downloaded the corresponding version of WriteMapper for your license code. More info here.

Local Deactivation

To do this, first ensure that you have an active internet connection, then select the WriteMapper → Enter License Code option in the menu bar of the WriteMapper app. In the new window that appears, click on "Deactivate License".

Your copy of WriteMapper will revert to read-only mode (if the trial period is up), and your license code may now be used on another copy of WriteMapper, on any computer.

Remote Deactivation

If you do not still have access to WriteMapper on the original computer you used your license code on, you can also remotely deactivate that license code from the License Manager on our website.

Please see this support article for instructions on how to perform a remote license code deactivation.

Multiple Licenses Facilitates Convenience

Additionally, if you need to switch between multiple computers very often, you may wish to consider purchasing multiple licenses from our store, which will give you the convenience of not having to repeatedly deactivate and reactivate your license codes when moving from machine to machine.

This will also allow you to use WriteMapper on multiple computers simultaneously, if you happen to need that capability.

Compatible Across Platforms and Computers

Licenses purchased from our store can be used interchangeably across our Windows and macOS apps at no extra cost.

Furthermore, should you decide to switch your operating system in the future (like from Windows to macOS, or vice-versa), you’ll be able bring your WriteMapper license along with you and use it on your new computer too.

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