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WriteMapper 2.2


We're always looking to make WriteMapper a better version of itself than before. In this update, we focused on improving the robustness of WriteMapper as a productivity app. Here's a few features we've added that'll let you get your work done quicker and easier.


WriteMapper now keeps a backup of a history of your work with this new feature. The five most recent versions of the five most recently saved WriteMaps are saved to Snapshots, which can be accessed from the “File” menu, and from the “Open” button on the iPad. There also exists the option to remove all Snapshots, if you’re worried about them occupying disk space.

Export As OPML

We’ve added another export format, on top of the five existing ones. Adding OPML format export, with the app already supporting import of OPML files, will enable you to move your work in and out of WriteMapper and use it with other programs that support the format.

Quick Search

Finally, you can now search an entire WriteMap’s node topics at once, and find exactly what you were looking for. Quick Search is accessible from the WriteMap view in the menu bar on desktop under the “Node” menu, the toolbar’s more options button (•••) on iPad, and with keyboard shortcuts on both (Cmd/Ctrl+F).


  • On desktop, added optimisations for improving performance of viewing and editing WriteMaps with numerous nodes.
  • Added padded clearance of the cursor from the bottom edge of the content editor as the editor auto-scrolls while you type.
  • Increased content editor’s maximum font size upwards to 26px.
  • Added a separator to the zoom toolbar menu on desktop.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a link’s destination would not show up in WriteMaps created from imported files.
  • On desktop, fixed a bug where images could not be inserted when the editor wasn’t yet focused.
  • Prevented source information of images getting lost whenever the content editor was opened/closed.
  • Character count in Full Document Preview now does not count spaces and newline characters.
  • Set ‘mins’ to singular (‘min’) instead of plural if the estimated read time info is one (1) minute.

Get the Update

WriteMapper 2.2 is available as a free update for past WriteMapper customers, on all platforms. New customers can take the free trial for a spin to test out the latest features we released today, by downloading the desktop app from our website, or getting the iPad app from the App Store.

To update from versions 2.0.0 or 2.0.1 on desktop (macOS or Windows), a manual update is required. More details on how to do so may be found on this support article on our website.

We hope you'll find these new features useful!

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