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How do I update WriteMapper to the latest available version?

App Updates

The desktop versions of WriteMapper will automatically check for updates when you open it up, and will prompt you if there is an update available.

Automatic Update

To proceed with an app update, follow the on-screen instructions, and the app will initiate the download of the new version, which you can observe progress of in the a new download meter window that will pop up.

Once that's done, the app will prompt you to restart it in order to install the latest version you just downloaded. Proceed, and WriteMapper will install and restart automatically, and that's all there is to updating the app.

For further instructions on how to manually check if there are updates for WriteMapper available, or if you're already on the latest version, please see here.

Manual Update

If you're encountering issues with automatic updates, you can also update your copy of the app to the latest version manually, by downloading from the link in the footer of this page. The link on this website will always lead you to the latest available version of the app.

Your settings and trial/license details will be remembered, and you can safely remove the outdated copy of the app from your computer.


Automatic updates require a stable and active internet connection in order to work. If you have an internet connection but still run into errors while updating automatically, check your firewall or antivirus settings to ensure that WriteMapper is whitelisted to be allowed to access the internet.

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