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WriteMapper 4 Launch


Hey, it's Guan here, the solo developer behind WriteMapper.

WriteMapper 4 is now live on Product Hunt — come check out the launch and say hi! 👋

I first released WriteMapper six years ago as a simple mind-mapping writing app. While the main goal then was to try and start a software business, I also wanted to spend my time on making something worthwhile to add to the world, like a productivity tool.

Since then, I've improved it over time, adding features arising from your feedback. My big aspiration for WriteMapper is for it to help people write way more, produce way higher quality work, and all in way less time!

The new Version 4 I'm sharing with you today has a number of new features:

  • ✨ Ask AI - Leverage OpenAI to brainstorm ideas and generate content.
  • ✅ Better Performance - Optimized and ready for large WriteMaps.
  • 👀 New Views & Layouts - Various visual layouts for your mind map.
  • 📄 Document View - View and edit the full document.
  • 🔎 Better Quick Search - Searches through contents of all nodes.
  • 🎉 New Animations - Smoother transitions between app state.
  • 🌈 New Colors - More colors make for more delight!
  • 📒 And more - See what's new.

Today, WriteMapper is a robust content writing app that helps you create medium- to long-form content. It uses mind maps to let you zoom out and structure your work, yet also zoom in to the details for any node on the mind map. The app's features come together to create a supercharged content writing workflow, helping you turn your ideas into a final draft in no time.

I would love for you to download the free trial and let me know what you think about WM4's capabilities as a content writing tool.

Last but not least — WriteMapper's previous customers have been the entire reason that's helped me persist with working on it as a solo developer. As a small gesture of appreciation to thank those of you who've supported WriteMapper in its previous launches:

  • All previous customers get 50% off, and customers who've bought WM1 will get free upgrades to WM4. Please check the License Manager to view your upgrading options.
  • And if you'll be purchasing WriteMapper now for the first time, you'll enjoy this upgrade pricing for future version launches too!

Again, see you at the Product Hunt launch, and have a fantastic day! ✌️

Take care,

P.S. - In case you might find it of interest, I've just added an "About Us" page. Check it out here.

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