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Do you have a full list of all keyboard shortcuts available on WriteMapper?

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By pressing a combination of keys, you can do things that normally need a mouse, trackpad, or other input device.

On this page, you'll find a full list of default keyboard shortcuts available in WriteMapper. You can also find keyboard shortcuts detailed in the menu bar, or in the right-click menus of the WriteMapper app.

On the iPad, you can view the currently available keyboard shortcuts by pressing and holding the Command key on a external hardware keyboard, which will show you an overlay with the relevant info. Keyboard shortcuts are not available on the iPhone version of WriteMapper.

macOS Windows Description
⌘, Ctrl+Comma Preferences: Open preferences for WriteMapper.
⌘H n/a Hide WriteMapper.
⌥⌘H n/a Hide your open apps other than WriteMapper.
⌘Q n/a Quit WriteMapper.
⌘N Ctrl+N New: Open an new WriteMap document or window.
⌘O Ctrl+O Open a dialog to select a file to open.
⌘W Ctrl+W Close the front window of WriteMapper.
⌘S Ctrl+S Save the current WriteMap document.
⇧⌘S Ctrl+Shift+S Save As: Display the Save As dialog.
⇧⌘E Ctrl+Shift+E Expand Selected Lines: Expands the contents of each line of the selected text to individual child nodes of the currently selected node.
⌘0 Ctrl+0 Reset Zoom back to the original level.
⌘= Ctrl+= Zoom In on the WriteMap canvas.
⌘- Ctrl+- Zoom Out on the WriteMap canvas.
⌥⌘+ Alt+Ctrl+= Expand All Nodes: Reveals all hidden child nodes, so that all nodes are visible.
⌥⌘- Alt+Ctrl+- Collapse All Nodes: Hides all child nodes, so that only top-level parent nodes are visible.
⌃⌘L Alt+Ctrl+L Toggle Map Layout switches between centered (starting node in the center) and cascading (starting node at the side) layouts of the WriteMap.
⌃⌘N Alt+Ctrl+N Toggle Dark Mode of the app.
⌃⌘I Alt+Ctrl+I Toggle Node Info switches between displaying position information and wordcount information on the right side of each node, as well as at the top right corner of the editor.
⌘/ Ctrl+/ Show/Hide Toolbar in the app.
⌃⌘F F11 Enter Full Screen
⌘B Ctrl+B Boldface the selected text, or turn boldfacing on or off.
⌘I Ctrl+I Italicize the selected text, or turn italics on or off.
⌘U Ctrl+U Underline the selected text, or turn underlining on or off.
⌘L Ctrl+L Bullet List: Turn the selected text into a bullet list, or start a new one.
⇧⌘L Ctrl+Shift+L Ordered List: Turn the selected text into an ordered list, or start a new one.
⌃⌘C Alt+Ctrl+C Inline Code the selected text, or start inserting inline code.
⇧⌘C Ctrl+Shift+C Code Block the selected text, or start a new code block.
⌘K Ctrl+K Link the selected text to a URL, or remove an existing link.
⇧⌘B Ctrl+Shift+B Blockquote the selected text, or start a blockquote section.
⇧⌘H Ctrl+Shift+H Horizontal Rule: Insert a horizontal rule.
⇧⌘I Ctrl+Shift+I Link Image File: Insert an image linked to a local file location on your device.
⇧⌘U Ctrl+Shift+U Link Image URL: Insert an image linked to a remote, online website location.
⌘T Ctrl+T Add Child Node to the selected node.
⌘E Ctrl+E Edit Node: Opens the distraction-free editor for the selected node.
⌘⌫ Ctrl+Backspace Delete Node: Deletes the selected node.
⇧⌘⌫ Shift+Ctrl+Backspace Delete This Node Only: Deletes the selected node, keeping its child nodes.
⌘D Ctrl+D Duplicate Node: Duplicates the selected node.
⇧↩︎ Shift+Enter Quick Edit Title of the selected node, directly, without having to open up the editor.
⌃⌘E Ctrl+Alt+E Quick Edit Node with a mini, in-window content editor.
↩︎ Enter Quick Add Sibling Node relative to the selected node.
⇧⌘A Ctrl+Shift+A Absorb Children of the selected node into the parent node's contents.
⌃⇧↩︎ Ctrl+Shift+Enter Toggle Task Status of the currently selected node.
\ Shift+/ Collapse/Expand the child nodes belonging to the selected node from view.
⌘\ Ctrl+Shift+/ Collapse Other Nodes besides the currently selected node.
⌥⌘R Alt+Ctrl+R Select Root Node: Selects the root node of the WriteMap.
Up Arrow Traverse Up from the selected node.
Down Arrow Traverse Down from the selected node.
Left Arrow Traverse Left from the selected node.
Right Arrow Traverse Right from the selected node.
⌘M Ctrl+M Minimize WriteMapper.
⌘X Ctrl+X Cut the selected text and copy it to the Clipboard.
⌘C Ctrl+C Copy the selected text to the Clipboard.
⌘V Ctrl+V Paste the contents of the Clipboard into the current cursor location.
⌘Z Ctrl+Z Undo the previous command.
⇧⌘Z Ctrl+Shift+Z Redo, reversing the undo command.
⌘A Ctrl+A Select All items.
⌃⌘Space Win+; or Win+. Emojis & Symbols: Open up the Characters dialog to insert Emojis and symbols.
⌘F Ctrl+F Search: Locate the entered keyword from within your WriteMap’s contents.
⌘P Ctrl+P Live Preview: Open a real-time preview of your WriteMap in a new window.

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