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 For Podcasters

Empowering podcasters to voice perspectives.

WriteMapper's features scale your writing output across your core podcasting work — content, scripts, show notes, and promotions — enabling you to create more engaging content and grow your listener base.

A screenshot of WriteMapper, writing productivity software for podcasters that uses AI and mind maps.

Supercharge your writing output.

As a podcaster, using WriteMapper not only speeds up your writing process but also improves the quality of your podcast's content.

For all your content writing work.

Get leverage that optimizes your podcasting — from brainstorming topics to scripting and finalizing episodes.


Develop content that engages and grows your podcast audience.


Craft engaging scripts to captivate listeners and drive engagement.


Write compelling podcast descriptions to attract listeners and boost visibility.

 Show Notes

Create detailed show notes to provide additional information and resources.

Get from idea to final draft in no time.

WriteMapper's features come together to give you a supercharged content writing workflow using AI and mind maps.

Start Outline Detail Finish


Logical and intuitive mind maps for writing.

File Import

Kickstart from an existing starting point.

Ask AI

Brainstorm ideas and generate content.

Focused Design

Strips away unnecessary visual elements.

Structured Writing

Break a task down into bite-sized chunks.

Drag & Drop

Fluid and nimble so you can start anywhere.

Desktop App

Focus better working outside browser tabs.

Free Trial

Explore our fully-featured free trial.

Intro Tutorial

Learn the basics in less than five minutes.

WriteMapper For Podcasters

WriteMapper enables podcasters to supercharge their writing output, grow your audience, and produce more engaging episodes.

A screenshot of WriteMapper, writing productivity software for podcasters that uses AI and mind maps.

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