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It’s taken way more time and effort than expected to deliver an amazing product for the iPad, but we’re so glad that it’s finally here. Today, we’re incredibly excited to be sharing the latest and greatest addition to the WriteMapper family with you: WriteMapper for iPad.

On top of bringing WriteMapper’s best features to the iPad, WriteMapper for iPad was reworked from the fundamentals to be deeply integrated with and optimised for an incredible iPad usage experience. Here’s a couple of features and capabilities which we’ve leveraged from the power of iOS, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, to help you get your writing work done in no time at all:

1. Files Integration

With the help of the file management capabilities of the Files app on iOS, it’s really easy to save, sync and access your WriteMaps across your devices.

2. Drag and Drop

Magically move text and images from other apps into the distraction-free editor with just a finger, or rearrange the nodes in your WriteMap by dragging them around.

3. Keyboard Shortcuts

Typing is even better on the iPad with an external hardware keyboard, and we’ve made it even easier to keep the typing flow going by integrating multiple handy keyboard shortcuts.

We’re looking forward to your comments and feedback on our Product Hunt post, after giving the free trial a spin. So grab your iPad and keyboard, head on down to the coffee shop, and see what you can do with WriteMapper for iPad — we hope you’ll find it useful!

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